3 Things You Didn't Know About Me

My very first blog hop, this is exciting!!

1. I quit college to get married! I was waiting for acceptance into the radiology program and decided to get married. Once the plans were well on their way, I got my acceptance letter. We were moving near Lafayette, Indiana and there wasn't a radiology program there at that time. So, I decided to just forget about it and move on with family life!!!

2. I homeschool. No surprise? Well, I used to think that homeschooling was insane and for weirdos! I was VERY against homeschooling! Not too long after thinking that, God started to change my mind. (You can read my story here.)

3. I like to bellydance!! That's right! It is great exercise and very feminine to boot! Of course, I don't do this in front of other people!!!! Oh no, no, no, no! (shaking my finger)

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Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you, too, Latte Lady! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I've never tried belly dancing. Is it a good workout?

Latte Lady said...

Oh yes!

Bellydance is wonderful exercise!

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