Cheers for a GREAT Weekend - Juicing

Cheers for a great weekend!  Shabbat Shalom!

Do you do juicing?

Through the Fire - Fired Torched Jewelry

This is the piece that inspired me to learn a new technique.  A client custom ordered this very special piece. 

Unlike the pieces in the previous post, this piece is a fired brass cuff.

On the outside, he requested: 
gam zeh ya'avor -- This too shall pass. << click for more Hebrew designs


Through the Fire - New Jewelry Technique - Fired Jewelry

I received a custom order request from a client.  I am SO thankful because it inspired me to learn a new technique and start a new line... coming soon.

Through the Fire Without Burning

I will show you the inspired pieces and then tomorrow, I'll show you the piece that inspired it.

These pieces are copper and are flamed or torched.  They have Hebrew on them but of course, they can be ordered in any English quote as well.

Everything Beautiful


Adoption Rocks! - Forever Family Gifts

I make a wide variety of jewelry for gifts for my clients.  Because they are gifts, I often find out why the gifter is giving them.  Some go to cancer patients, some for birthdays, some for holidays, some to abused women, and some to people/children who have been adopted.

What an honor for me to have the privilege of making these pieces for my clients!!

Here are a few pieces that I've made recently for teens who have been adopted and their parent wanted to use this special jewelry piece as a marker for their love.

Everything Beautiful


Do You Bible Journal? How To Begin

What is Bible journaling?
Here are a couple of definitions I found floating around ....the net...!

...a creative process of making art in your Bible as a way to connect with scripture and with God.
Bible journaling is simply the process of spending devotional time with God and recording the scriptural insights you receive from Him in your Bible. 

I recommend a quick search of Bible Journaling on Pinterest  (click that link < ) for some GREAT inspiration if you aren't sure where to start.  I started by finding some art that I liked and mimicking it with my own twist.

You will need a Bible that you don't mind writing/coloring in.  You can purchase special Bibles made just for this or just use any extra Bible that you have already at home.

Here is a supply list of items you may want to use to get started:
Markers that don't bleed
Colored Pencils
Stamps and Ink
Nearly any other crafting item in the scrapbooking or art section of Hobby Lobby!!

My journaling pages vary in style from simple and fun to artsy sketches.

Do you have some Bible journaling pages you can share with us?


Give Her Some Love!

Ani L'Dodi v'Dodi Li 
(I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine). 

This bracelet and necklace are perfect for anniversary gifts, Mother's Day gifts, 
or birthday gifts for your beloved.  

These jewelry pieces are hand stamped in Hebrew and are favorites among my current clients!

You can find these and more in my ETSY shop! < link ;)

Everything Beautiful Jewelry by Janet

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