Civil Duty

I am still shaking. I have mixed feelings.

I just chased down, followed and reported a drunk driver and then saw him do his sobriety test.

The guy pulled out in front of me and could have caused an accident between the two of us and a few others. I was stuck behind him and noticed that he would weave and bump the lines. I was scared to pass for fear that he would side swipe me so I continued to follow.

At first, I thought he may have some sort of palsy so I wasn't going to call. When he pulled into the liquor store, my suspicions were confirmed. I called the police but by the time I got a hold of her, he was already out of the store with a huge bag of liquor and getting back into his car. I told her his plate number and she had me follow him back down the highway.

As I was on the phone with her, she was on the radio with an officer and he went whizzing past me. I told her when he was by the suspect and then I said, "OK! I'm done, good bye!" As I turned around a little further down and came back past, I watched as the officer had the suspect touching his nose.

I am torn because this person could be spending the night in jail, BUT, he was drunk! On the other hand, he also could have killed a family or anyone on his way home.

Oh my... I think I'm calmed down now...


H-Mama said...

you did the right thing... very possible you saved at least one life.

MiaZagora said...

Hey, you did the right thing, so don't feel sorry that he's going to spend the night in jail. I hope he loses his license - at least.

I'm so envious! I've been wishing I had gone into police work ever since I saw my first episode of Forensic Files. I could just imagine myself as a scientist in some police lab.

Of course, I also think it would be a blast to chase after traffic offenders as well - for that I would want to be a State Trooper, because they get all of the tricked out cars with a zillion horsepower. I wouldn't feel sorry for 'em, either. I would feel so powerful when I had slapped on the cuffs and made them do the "perp walk" to the back of my car.

Then again...it's probably a very, very good thing that I never went in to police work! ;)

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