Grace Flows Down

I thank God for His grace and forgiveness.

I was inspired to write this today by a combination of things. One, I lead the worship/music at church and was getting the music ready and decided to do Grace Flows Down tomorrow. Then, I read Sarah Dawn's blog post on Splashin' Glory and was inspired to write this post. (I encourage you to visit her blog.)

About 8 or 9 years ago, I was doing dishes and saw a finger pointing in my face. You know, like,
"you naughty naughty girl". All of the naughty things that I had done in my past started flooding over me. I knew that it wasn't God. It was condemning not convicting. Besides, I had already asked for forgiveness for those things.

After I recognized who was pointing their finger in my face, I let him know who is boss over me and how it was going to be from now on. Now, I use the failures of my past to be an example (yes, I occasionally share them) to others.

I hope you are blessed by this post, Sarah's blog and this song, "Grace Flows Down".

1 comment:

Sarah Dawn said...

My new friend, now I'm not only blessed but honored as well. I love that you lead worship, the song of your life shares His love across the miles.

Your dish washing, prayer friend,
Sarah Dawn

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