Wisconsin Rest

As I said a few days ago, we went to Wisconsin. Someone had provided a free stay for our family to get away from the demands of ministry. (If it wasn't free, we wouldn't have been able to go.) I am just fine with that thought, even Jesus frequently got away!

I love resting in the LORD and the place that we got to rest was so beautiful! Here are some photos.

This is the house that we stayed at. Let me tell you, it QUICKLY became a home.

This is an aerial view from a 140 foot tower (that I couldn't go in...)

<>The boys at the lake, tower in the back.

Dream Latte and I at the lake.


Deborah Ann said...

Hey! I live in Wisconsin! Where in WI did you go?

You're invited to join my blog:


Stop in soon, we're playing a fun game next week with a nice prize!

Beautiful Mess said...

Regarding "Breaks My Heart":

I know! I know! I am right there with you sister. We CAN do something! My friend said this quote from a book she is reading "I can't do everything, but I can do something" and it has stuck!

A few things I have come up with-

I joined a group called "ifast58.org" if you want to know more I can send you an email about it-or you can get some info here:

I was connected with Brandi because she went to Uganda and was connected to Katie so I collected things to send there---Brandi is connected with Children's Hope Chest and they have many care points that churches can sponsor.

I am planning to do some sort of home party to educate and raise money for Amazima and Hope Chest.

We can get our churches, friends and neighbors to sponsor children.

I am going to sell necklace to help women in Africa support their families--through lightgivesheat.org

I going to do some sort of educate "homeschoolers thing" :) to get them collecting items to send with Hope Chest when they go to Africa.

Sounds like a lot but it is not really in the grand scheme of things. You have a huge influence--you can change a lot!

If you want to email me to talk personally I am up for that! trentandjenpolk@hotmail.com

Today on a conference prayer call (will share on my blog-but you get to hear it first) Brandi said the most profound and encouraging thing--"Though we are separated by miles we stand shoulder-to-shoulder" Wow! It hit me! We the body of Christ can fight this battle shoulder to shoulder!

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