People Made My Birthday Special

I'm not the type to think that an adult has to or needs to go all out for their birthday. That being said, people went all out for mine this year which was wonderful!!!

I got e-cards, a few cards in the mail, the girls from church (and Mom) took me out, I got roses, gift cards and my Mom threw a party after church Sunday night. Everyone pitched in and it was so sweet!

Well, I got birthday money and you know me! I went thrift! I tried going to Carson's but just couldn't bring myself to spend $25 for the same pair of pants that I KNEW I could get at the Salvation Army for $2.50!

I got 2 outfits for $8.50 and my ears double pierced AGAIN! (They had healed over in the back.)
I got a jacket like this one in a similar color.

I got pants like these to go with the jacket. They have some maroon lines through them.

I also got a sweater that I was looking at at Kohl's last winter. It is cranberry with lace cuffs and collar. I got that to go with a pair of black dress pants.

ALL for $8.50!!!

God is so good and I am so glad that He treated me special for my birthday! Oh, I love a good deal, too!

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Beautiful Mess said...

AAWWW! I wish I knew!


Though honestly even if i did know... I am a terrible birthday friend :( I always forget!

Well, I am glad it was great! And that outfit! spiffy!!! thrifty is nifty!

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