Oh yah, that's right!

I got a new (new to me) vacuum!!!

That's right! I did something that I never thought I would do. I bought a used vacuum from the Salvation Army for $10. Yah, I could have splurged to get a new one but I tripped over this beauty and it said, "Plug me in! I work great!" So I did and it did.

I've been carrying my mother in law's vacuum down the stairs for a year and a half.

I know that God is providing a home for us and I am going to need MY OWN vacuum! I am believing God! He will provide! I have faith in my Daddy in Heaven! (My dad on earth is pretty great too ;)

Praise God with me! He is gooooood!


Angie Vik said...

Yay for $10 vacuums. Yay for God meeting your needs. He is good all the time.

Beautiful Mess said...


Love the thrift store! I love working-no-having-to-haul vacuums too!

I got a great outfit this weekend in Georgia for $2.25. $2 for my new favorite jeans and .25 for a nice green top.


MiaZagora said...

I concur - yay for $10 vaccuums - or $10 anything for that matter!


K. Frangeskos said...

You have a beautiful blog site!
I stopped by after I saw your comment on Debby's blog site...

Jesus is great and cool is definitely one adjective to describe HIM!

Please stop by my blog anytime at
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Thanks and God Bless you,
K. Frangeskos at
Jesus Knows You Best

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