Chicago~ My Kind of Town

Have you ever heard that song?  (I put the vid at the bottom.) 

Chicago isn't all glitz and glamor. See those benches?  Late at night, they become beds for homeless people. 
We (our church) went downtown to help serve the homeless and poor last night.  It was a very cold night, although it will get much colder.  My husband and I had the privilege of meeting several people. 

they have names
they have faces
they have feelings
some of them have a desire to bless not just be blessed

Freddie the Fish: 

  • Has found a place in my husbands heart
  • Homeless
  • Cold
  • Sleeping in a garage
  • Used to sleep on a bench but became friends with a guy who is dating a transvestite and moved up in the world
  • Needed a sleeping bag to be more comfortable
  • Friendly
  • Wants to bless others and gave my dad a small package of instant coffee ~ bless his heart
  • Sells newspapers for $15 a day


  • Says he is a Believer but needed to be reminded about who he is in God's Kingdom 
  • Trying to make his life right
  • Currently staying away from drugs and alcohol
  • Was homeless but is in an apartment
  • Is so excited about his apartment that sometimes he doesn't leave for 2-3 days at a time (bless his heart)
  • When he was homeless, he was sleeping on a bench last August - got knocked in the head with a hammer and stabbed in the eyeball with a knife
  • Has a huge scar on his face and a glass eye
  • Has a job
  • Trying to get re-established and move forward in life


  • Jewish lady
  • Kind of slow
  • Needed someone to vent to
  • Talks a lot
  • Not a believer but is best friends with Mario who is
  • Wants to bless me and bring me a Menorah next time I go there

The wind-chill factor was 0 last night.

What is a wind-chill factor?

Wind chill is the apparent temperature felt on exposed skin due to wind. The degree of this phenomenon depends on both air temperature and wind speed. The wind chill temperature (often popularly called the wind chill factor) is always lower than the air temperature for values where the wind chill formula is valid.
More info from Wikipedia

Step out of your comfort zone ~ wherever you live. 
Help someone ~ anyone. They don't have to be poor or homeless.
Become a giver.
Give ~ even when it hurts.





Deborah Ann said...

Chicago is 2 1/2 hours away. We absolutely love it. Thank you for the challenge - I don't remember seeing homeless people there, but then again we're day people. We go back into our caves at night.

Another enriching experience in Chicago is 'JPUSA.' (Jesus People USA). They live in an unassuming apartment building. They all sell everything they have, and live together in a community. Many homeless people have been invited in.


Beautiful Mess said...

That is neat that you already have some people that have "stuck" in your hearts and minds. May the fruit of God's blessings be abundant!

and well, let's not even go "to 0 degree" we already know I am cold at 39. I thought LORD "would I do it for you?" sadly it took a second thought-well HE is working on me--I guess that is why I am still in FL and YOU are in the COLD place :))

I do feel so guilty thinking "i'm cold" NO I AM NOT! Not even close, they same way I am not ever STARVING.

Thankful for you and the Church! Ministering and loving on those in need!

Deborah Ann said...

You saw JPUSA? Cool! I was really taken aback by the, um, variety. The people who live there have blue hair, pierced noses, you name it. But look what they did! They gave up everything to make their lives matter. We got the full tour. Got to see the TINY little rooms they live in. They literally have nothing but Jesus. At first I thought "I want to do this!" But then reality set in. Do I want to live in a tiny little room? Do I want to revolve my life around a list of cleaning chores and duties? Help me God, but I don't think I'm ready for that. But at the same time, each individual person can help, like you said. We can provide food and shelter to the homeless. We can donate our time and money to charities who do so. I thank God for these opportunities. What else is there to live for? I'm going to see Chicago in a new light now.

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