He is so good...

Have I said lately how good my Heavenly Father is?  Of course I have but I want to tell you what He did for me yesterday. 

As you know, we moved last week.  (It STILL feels like a dream!)  Since the move out of the parsonage 20 months ago, I can't remember what worked and what didn't; what I got rid of and what I kept.  It seems as though my dryer (a VERY important appliance) doesn't work right.  The door won't latch, it took all day to dry a few things and the cycles never stop!  Can you say, "fire hazard"?

I really like to shop thrift so I thought I'd stop by the Salvation Army to get the boys a shower curtain, since I can't find theirs.  Well, guess what I found?  A brand new dryer for only $55!!!!!  $55!!!  Not a mark on it!  My Dad hooked that baby up and it works wonderfully! 

Then, as IF that were not enough... 

My husband told God that when He gave us a home, we would use it to minister to others.  This home would be a tool.  Our small junked up table for 4 just wasn't going to be able to hold MANY people for the ministering and parties that he wants to have. 

Well, as I was waiting for my FIL to get to the store to pick up the dryer ~ I found THE table to go in THE house!  No joke!  This thing has 2 leaves and seats 10!  TEN!  We can easily fit 10 people at our table!  Although, it only came with 4 chairs and 2 captains chairs.  The set is a Hooker Furniture set!  They are expensive!  How much did I pay?  $180.  That's it! 

I don't know why I get so amazed when Jehovah Jirah provides for  us.  God our Father loves us.  Why wouldn't He provide for us?

I'll post some picks of the house tomorrow.  Many of you have asked to see.  I didn't want to put too many of the mess but it's all getting put away by now.

Thank you for your prayers and support. 

I love Yeshua!


Angie Vik said...

That is so cool. God knows exactly what you needed and kept other people from buying them until you got there. God is showering you with blessings of late.

Beautiful Mess said...

Praise God!

I know I have said that a lot in relation to your recent blessing...and it may be from lack of words.. but seriously what else is worthy to be said

*but PRAISE GOD!!!!!!*

I love my table for 10! We fill it often-though not often enough recently--and a dryer!

and to conclude!

*PRAISE GOD!!!!!!*

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