Weekend Worship ~ What are they worth?

What are people worth?
What are the people that YOU know worth?
What are your kids worth?
What is your spouse worth?
What is your neighbor worth?
What are the people who you encounter everyday worth?

Ever look around you while you are in a store or crowded room and wonder... 
Who are these people?
What is their story? 
Are they believers in the Most High God? 
Do they know Him? 
Where will they wake up when they die? 
If they suffer when they are dying will they suffer more when they wake up in a Godless eternity?
Is Yeshua (Jesus) their true Salvation?

Do you know Him?  He is LOVE.  He loves you!  He died for YOU!  He wants you, your family, your neighbor, your coworker to KNOW Him.

1 comment:

pegmeister said...

WOW!!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!! This gave me goose bumps all over my body. Thanks so much Vickie for sharing this with us. I will SHOUT UNTO GOD WITH A VOICE OF TRIUMPH and I hope that everyone else will too. Praise God for his love and mercy. Peggy

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