What kind of blessing do you get?

"Do I tithe off of my gross or off of my net?"

That depends, do you want a net blessing?


a gross blessing?


Deborah Ann said...

I have to laugh, because there was a time we didn't belong to a church, and I worried what God would do to us if we didn't tithe. Some one said to me "What do think God is, the mafia?" Just a thought...

Beautiful Mess said...

I have to tell you that I just received a MIRACLE. Now I have had a miracle everyday since "giving it all" but today-took the cake. I am going to write about it but had to let my sister-friend know! I am weeping, sobbing, and rejoicing all at the same time!

To God be the glory! Forever! Amen!

and I got a TON done today! and worship tonight (with Emma-who i am going to tape) and I think I just won't be able to contain myself! Lord! You are GLORIOUS!

Beautiful Mess said...

You have an award on my site!

Swati said...

LOL - that was wonderful and powerful! I'm following you now - thanks for stopping in!

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