Just Say Yes! ~ Works For Me!

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I once read in one of James Dobson's books (possibly Bringing Up Boys) that you should say "yes" to your children as much as possible.

Say what?!  Yes.  Have you ever said no to your kids just because you were being lazy, tired, or didn't want to be distracted?

Some days, I catch myself saying no for absolutely no reason.  When I do this, I often realize that it's not too late to change my answer to yes. 

"Mom, can I play with the bubbles that are put away on top of the fridge?" 
"No... I'm sorry.  I'll get them as soon as I dry my hands."

JUST SAY YES!  (If it is in your power to do so!)


Beautiful Mess said...

Must work on that

H-Mama said...

I work on this daily... I think I even have this written in a post somewhere on my bloggy. Great to be reminded though. ;)

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