This is what it looks like around here!  Boxes, Duct Tape, markers and labels lying around.  Actually, they don't lie around for long, my husband grabs them up and it's off to storage.

Why do I have so many boxes going to storage?  Because I have decided to try to live more simply this time.  I know that it isn't easy.  We Americans have PLENTY of STUFF!  I went through most of our "STUFF" and got rid of a lot of it.  Boy, that felt good!  (BTW, I'm a thrower outer not a pack rat!)

Could I have gotten rid of more?  ...yah...  That's what is causing so much guilt.  Being married for 15 years, we have accumulated STUFF.  To be honest, we don't have as much as the next guy.  Actually, we have less than most people we know.  I still have guilt (I don't think it's conviction) that we have too much.  Thoughts swirl through my head about the poor African lady living in a hut with her children and NO STUFF.  Then my husband reminds me that I'm not a poor African lady but rather a blessed American lady. 

Well, maybe when we move again (and I know we will) I will sift through our STUFF and get rid of some more.  When I do, I will bless more people with our STUFF!

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