The Touch of God

It was amazing.
I still remember.
He touched me.
I felt it.
I heard Him.

Sunday morning at exactly 5:50 AM I was awoken.  I had been dreaming; it was a regular, everyday sort of dream, nothing special.  I felt two hands press my arm.  They were together, side by side pressing.  At the same time, I heard a gentle, manly voice say my name.  ...just my name, nothing else.

I turned to look.  I thought it may be my husband waking me for church.  No one was there.  I looked to see what time it was and sat a minute to try and process what had just happened.

I got up and saw my husband sitting in his chair reading.  The TV was on a Christian station but the volume was turned down low.  I told him what happened.  My husband said, that a minute ago, about the time that I woke up, the Gaithers were singing on the TV.  What were they singing?

Ok, I have to admit, that's not our "type" of music but this song does mean something to me now.  When I hear it, I will remember that God touched me.

What do I think happened when "He touched me"?  Well, I feel like it was God laying his hands on me to anoint me.  I'm not for sure really.  I have experienced a renewed energy and zeal since then.  I think time will tell and when the time is right, He will reveal it to me.

...He touched me!

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