Hearts On Fire Friday ~ Honor and Respect

Hearts On Fire Friday

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Ephesians 5:33
33Nevertheless, each individual among you also is to love his own wife even as himself, and the wife must see to it that she respects her husband.

A man's number one need is respect.  Notice that the verse didn't tell wives to love their husbands; it said to respect him.  A woman is full of love but respect is something of a mind change.  Sometimes, we need to change the direction our mind thinks in order to go into the direction of respect.

How many shows and commercials on TV put men down?  Do you allow them in your home?

I encourage you to start today.  Find some ways that you can show respect for your husband.

Here are some things that I do:
Don't speak to him like he is a child (God has made you one with him)
Don't manipulate him with sex
Don't bad talk him to others
Do praise him for something (anything)
Do praise him (genuinely) in front of others
Do call him a special name that he likes
Do express faith in his abilities
Do encourage him in areas that he is weak (you were created to be his helpmate)

What are some ways that you can show your husband respect?

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Karen said...

Since my husband's love language is words of encouragement and being an encourager is his spiritual gift, speaking encouragement to him goes a long way toward lifting his head. Oh, if I'd learned this sooner! Thanks for hosting HOF, Janet. blessings on your week! k

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