I Want, I Want, I Want... Sound Selfish?

I want ~ a big yard so I can share it and have outdoor parties.
I want ~ a nicely paved driveway for neighborhood basketball games.
I want ~ some sort of outdoor landscape, lake, or garden to share with others.
I want ~ a cozy home full of the Holy Spirit that people LOVE to come to. 
I want ~ a house large enough to house our family comfortably and extra guests.

I want ~ to be so blessed by God that people wonder, "What in the world has come over them?"
I want ~ to be so blessed by God that I can effortlessly and almost frivolously bless others.

AMEN ~ Let it be so!

(For those who are wondering:  Yes, we bless people like crazy now but I WANT to be a flowing river of blessing, not a stream, not a creek, and most certainly not a reservoir.)


Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Good post. We lost the big house, the big yard...even when we opened it up for the Lord to use. It was dedicated to Him before we wrote the contract. Now He is blessings our smaller dwelling...more cozy, not much room to pack people in like before, but He is still here. He is also de-cluttering my heart so I can be a useful vessel for Him to flow through...maybe just a small stream at first, but I am praying the dam breaks and I start to flow like a might river.

David C Brown said...

"Confide in Jehovah, and do good; dwell in the land, and feed on faithfulness; and delight thyself in Jehovah, and he will give thee the desires of thy heart" Psalm 37 3,4.

Koco & Viking said...

Amen, sister friend!!! Love this post. Thank you for stopping by our little bloggy world, we're glad you did because now we can follow your awesome blog! Don't be a stranger :)

blessings and hugs,
koco & viking

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