The message for him ~ My account

I was worshiping all day
Went to bed as usual
Something woke me
It was 3:30 AM

My spirit was instantly singing a song and worshiping
I think my spirit was worshiping in my sleep (awesome)
At the same time, a message came to me
I knew who it was for
I grabbed for a paper to write it down
I tossed and turned for a couple of hours
It was very intense

Morning came
I told HUBS that I had a message to deliver to someone today
I didn't tell him who it was for
I worshiped and prayed all day
I prayed that the person would be softened
I prayed that God would open their heart
I continued to worship

Afternoon came
I arranged for childcare
HUBS came home
I informed him of who was getting the message
Off we went

Got there
Visited for a while
Asked for privacy with the person

Told him:
What were you doing at 3:30 this morning?
He informed me that he tosses and turns in the night
Can't sleep soundly ~ no peace
He hears music and has strange dreams all night long
Very disturbing

I said that at 3:30 AM I was writing a message down for him
I'm not going to preach to you
I know you already "know" it and have heard it preached by others

Here is your message:
God loves you
He sent me to beg you to come to him
He is begging you
The person softened a little

I told him that I had prayed for him literally all day
Conversation about random things followed
I told him that God said He knows your sins
The things that you do in secret ~ He is there with you
The person squirmed a little
He wants to forgive you but you have to come to Him
I showed him the paper

More conversation followed
I said that I have something to tell you that's not very pretty
It's not a good thing but I have to be obedient
You will be tormented on your death bed if you don't choose God
I showed him the paper
See, it's written right here

More conversation about restless sleep
I said that Jesus brings peace
His name means peace
He is the only way you will ever have peace

The last thing I said was
Know God, Know peace
I think that he may have heard
No God, No peace instead
He was then finished with the conversation and left the room

I continue to pray...
for my Grandpa


Beautiful Mess said...

God bless!

Janine said...

Shew! That is quite an experience! Today I am praying with you for your Grandpa. May he experience the peace and love that he needs from Jesus. Big hugs to you.

Janine said...

Thanks for the reply. I can so identify. I never knew my one grandfather - also so much pain in the family due to his abuse. I was praying for yours this morning and was reminded of that verse that says God's kindness / goodness leads men to repentance. I am trusting with you that he will encounter the love of God to release him of whatever sins he feels so ashamed of. Praying for you this week too - to continue to impact all that bump into your blog. BIG higs to you!!!

Deborah Ann said...

Janet, how beautiful. God sent you with the seed, and now He will do the watering. That must have been a difficult thing to do. I always struggle when it comes to sharing the Lord with my elders. God will bless you for your faithfulness...

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