Is Everything a Bargain at Dollar Stores?

This video caught my eye today. I usually do my grocery shopping at Meijer and PayLow with an occasional stop at WalMart.  I often wonder if it is worth my time to make an extra stop at the Dollar General or the Dollar Tree.  After all, time is money they say! 

If I go by any dollar store, I usually get batteries.  That is one of the things that they say isn't worth getting!  I guess they are talking about buying the generic.  I wonder if it is ok to get the brand name batteries from Dollar General? 
Check it out for yourself:


Bethe77 said...

Well... it maybe good! I use to love to go to the dollar tree stores. I havent been in a long time I guess I need to do a recheck on those for savings. Thansk for the post.

Angie Vik said...

I enjoyed this video. Some good things to know. One thing we learned the hard way not to buy at Dollar General is their store brand q-tips. Ouch. Definitely worth paying more to get the real thing.

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