Something Amazing ~ A Normal Day

I had a normal day. What's normal?

Husband wakes me up
I lay there a while singing the song that is instantly in my mind
Sometimes I pray before my feet even hit the floor
Get up, have coffee, and wake up watching Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer, or the 700 Club
After a while I get up, do any dishes from the night before, and make breakfast
Then, get the boys going on their chores and then school work

During the day today, I watched a video. I liked it so much that I posted it on my blog. ~ (Just Ask)  In the video, Victorya says to just ask God for someone to talk to about Him. 

I didn't pray.  I just agreed in my heart that I would like someone to talk to today about God.  He knows... He knows our thoughts.  It always amazes me when I merely think something ~ not pray something ~ and God supplies.  God gave me 2 people to encourage today!

I was thinking about how I'm a low maintenance kind of girl ~ for God that is. I don't spend all day begging God for stuff or yackin His ears off. I usually keep an open communication going all day. I talk to Him ~ He talks to me. It's a very simple relationship. 

I was reading in Exodus chapter 3 for my daily reading and saw, "I AM WHO I AM." I was intrigued by it and began thinking about Yahweh.

As I sat here surfing YouTube for worship videos, I came across a video that just stirred my spirit! The pastor was talking about Yahweh. That's my hot spot! That is a subject that makes my soul leap. As I sat listening intently and worshiping my amazing God, the God who knows my every thought, the pastor in the video started to talk about WHAT? Exodus chapter 3! I AM WHO I AM!

When you walk in the Spirit, there is an open communication between your heart, mind, and soul and Yahweh God. It is very exciting when you merely think something and the God of the Universe makes it happen ~ without asking!

He is so thoughtful. So amazing. So good. So loving. So powerful. So... COOL!


Angie Vik said...

Enjoyed the peek into your world. I do the off and on all day communication with God thing too. I appreciate how you're constantly sharing your faith and seeking to keep your heart in tune with His.

Lori said...

Keep up the God work, Janet, and thank you for sharing it with me.

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