What's Your Specialty?

Everyone has something special about them that they are known for and that they do for others.  Some people make quilts, some cook, some hug, some always have a kind word, some throw awesome parties, etc.

I think I have several specialties.  First, I like to make my house a home.  You know... nest!
I want people to feel cozy and comfortable when they come to our house.  If they come for a dinner, I set it up buffet style so they can feel at ease getting things out of the kitchen.  If they come to stay, I provide everything that I think they may need for their stay and show them around the kitchen so that they can help themselves if need be.

I want our home to be a place of refuge for my husband and family.  Of course, it first starts with me (that's the hard part) and then it can transfer to the actual house.  Love, no yelling, no name calling, kind acts, and blessings are all things that my family tries to give to each other.

If I am out of the house (I said IF), I like to give.  I give kind acts, cards that say "God loves you", extra tips, and of course, a smile goes a long way!

Someday, I'd like to learn to quilt and give them to people.  Quilts are just cozy!

So, what's your specialty?

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repost from Dec 2010


Bethe77 said...

Well can I say id love to come stay at your comfy cozy house. Sounds so wonderful.
What Im know for... WOW! I guess I would ahve to say making one feel beautiful since I do ahir and makeup. I lvoe this business and have been in for over 30 years.
Kinds words of love and encourgement and some one that will pray with you. I love hugging as Im a hugger so that would be another. WOW! I guess we can be known for quite a bit.

Sassy Granny ... said...

It's always fun to see how other people work their gifts into everyday life. Like you, mine centers primarily on home. Anything that involves organizing, cooking, serving, or laughing has my vote!

Beautiful Mess said...

I think I am a lot like you in the cozy home arena.

I also am known for my humor...and being real. It's appreciated by most.

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