Did you have a beautiful weekend?

(My boys)
Mother's Day is a time of love and family for some and yet for others, it can be bitter sweet.  I have a friend who  lost her mother a couple of years ago and this is a very hard time for her.  My heart is soft toward those people who miss their mother on Mother's Day.  May you be filled with lovely memories.

I sure hope your weekend was wonderful!  Being in full-time ministry, Mother's Day weekend is BUSY!  It was busy but absolutely wonderful!

Ok, what did ya get?  We all know that mothers get awesome gifts at Mother's Day!  Some get fancy items for their kitchen, some get hand made pottery or art from the kids, and some get beautiful flowers.

I got to GIVE a lot this Mother's Day and I'll tell you about that later.  What did I get?  I got that new "As Seen On TV" screen door thing!  I love it!  I can sit in my dining room with the big door open and the bugs and wasps don't come in.  (this is NOT a sponsored post)

To be honest, I think my dog likes it more than I do.  He can let himself in and out on his own. He acts all proud of himself; it is hilarious!

I sure hope your Mother's Day was beautiful!  Tell us about it.


Christie Cottage said...

Cool on the door!

I got...
are you ready???

A 12 pack of Coke's Hooray! A gift I will enjoy for 12 days!


Ashley Pichea said...

Are gifts supposed to be exchanged on Mother's Day?? :) We're not big on gifts in our family, so we exchange greetings and spend time together.

Angie Vik said...

Fun picture of your boys. Glad you had a nice day. I spent Mother's Day down at my son's house. The kids surprised me and my daughter-in-law's mother and grandmother with a wonderful brunch. It was really special.

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