Saving Money on Groceries

I'm on a quest!  I am looking for ways to save money on groceries without coupon clipping.  I really don't like sitting down to clip coupons.  I'll do it if that is the only way but...

So, one of the ways to save money is to have a "price book."  My price book will contain a page (or two) for each grocery store I frequent.  On each page is a list of items I usually purchase.

The idea is, I will have a list of prices and sizes of items.  As I go from store to store and find things on sale, I will be able to look at my price book and see where it is cheapest.  As I find items on sale in flyers or on the shelf, I will be able to compare.  Yes, that means I have to take my binder with me while shopping.

I guess you could call it a "price comparison book."

I started by printing a simple worksheet that I found online (the link is at the end of the post).  I three hole punched it and stuck it in a binder I already have.

I went through the grocery store as I normally would.  I started where I would normally start and I ended where I would normally end.  I wrote down the price of each item that I would normally purchase as I went along doing my normal shopping.

At the end of the night, I had 2 groceries stores done and it didn't take very much more time than doing my normal grocery shopping.

Here is the price comparison sheet I used.  It's a FREE download.
Price Comparison Book

Another thing I am doing to save money is menu planning.  I'll fill you in on that in another post.

What do you do to save money on groceries?

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Sassy Granny ... said...

Something I've found helpful is to frequent the grocery store sites to view their Weekly ads. I then utilize their "grocery list" feature, printing them off when I'm through. Then I head out, first to our local Winco, then to Walmart (they match anyone's price). I compare as I go, only purchasing what I want, and at the best price.

It pays to be an informed shopper, doesn't it?!

Beautiful Mess said...

Thanks! Great idea!

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