Rebooting My Life ~ Day 7

I FEEL wonderful!  This juice fast is invigorating.  I wonder what it is doing to the inside of me?

Link: Rebooting My Life Series

Today's juice:
2 carrots
1 granny smith apple
1 orange
1 lemon
1/3 bag cranberries
5 leaves of cabbage
1 thumb of ginger

The color turned out to be a dark orange and the flavor tart!  Pucker up!  I added 7 drops of stevia to counter the lemons and then it was perfect.

To be honest, I expected the effects of this fast to be more on the physical side.  That's not so.  I see some physical improvements but it seems as though I am experiencing more in the Spirit realm (Holy Spirit).  That's fine by me.  Looking at Isaiah 58, it seems that changes spiritually during a fast are inevitable.  It comes with the territory!

Physical changes:
More energy
Less appetite
A few inches off my body :)
Desire for smaller portions
No desire for sweets or breads

Spiritual changes:
Hearing very clearly from the Holy Spirit (Not just a "feeling" or "I think" but words)
Noticing His presence on an all day basis
Heightened discernment level
Receiving words of knowledge and words of wisdom for others (one of my gifts)
Very clear on my top spiritual gift as it's been confirmed several times
Hearing direction for my business and waiting to see God do what He said He would
Clearly receiving revelation in the Word

Hallelujah!  God is sooooo good!

I leave you with this video:


Becca Acker said...

That beverage looks tasty!
And yes, God is indeed so good!
Thanks for sharing at A Humble Bumble :)

Sassy Granny ... said...

It sure makes sense: the healthier the ingredients of our life, the healthier our life! It's a truth I need to be more intentional about.

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