Melting Into His Arms

It's clear in the Word of God that we are to bless others.  We are to BE a blessing and there is no better blessing than to be in the arms of Jesus.

There she was...
Dark and beautiful
Big eyes

...but she was a fussin!  She did not want to be in that cart.  She was tired and wanted her g-ma.  She didn't really want the substitute, Auntie, but Auntie's shoulder would do.

She stood in the seat of the cart and leaned on Auntie's shoulder while she quietly fussed.  Her fussing said... I just want to go home.

Some would look at the tiny girl and be irritated with her fussing as they wait in line themselves.  I admit, sometimes that's me but not this time.

I caught her big, dark eyes. Then it started.  The blessing flowed as I mouthed these words to her:

...God bless you
She looked away
Caught her eyes again
Jesus loves you
Caught her eyes again
May the LORD bless you and keep you
and make His face to shine upon you

It was then that she melted into the arms of Jesus.  She stared at me like she was starring at an angel.  A peaceful, dreamy smile came upon her face as she quit fussing.  The tiny girl slowly folded her little body down into the seat of the cart one leg at a time, all while starring...

She looked as if she just entered another world.  Some sort of peaceful, beautiful world...

I was so pleased and amazed at the result of the blessing.  There is NOTHING like the blessing of the LORD.

There is nothing like the peace of God.
There is nothing like His glory.
There is nothing like...
Melting into His Arms

photo credit: wakingphotolife: via photopin cc

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