The Unwanted Boys

My heart goes out to them
They just want love
They NEED love
They need it so bad they are willing to do things
Stupid things
While they are young, the stupid things are just stupid
I shutter at the thought of where they may be in a few years
I want to help them
I wish I could just show them the future
Where stupid things take a person
Where God's blessing will take them if they choose it
One at a time
This one, that one
Is starting to see it
The ones that need it the most seem to ignore it the most
They feel so insignificant... unwanted

But God is soooo good!

I want these troubled souls to see His goodness
I want them to see how much He loves them
I want them to know that He has a plan for them

So what do I do?
I feed them
I pray over them
I lay my hands on their heads and cancel the plans of the enemy
And they willingly accept it
They like it when I pray
I show them how miraculous Jesus is with His Word

Is it penetrating?
Is it helping?
It feels like there is a piece missing...

Spiritual mommy

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photo credit: ginnerobot via photopin cc

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Val Young said...

Such an important ministry

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