Coupons and Bargains!!

I LOVE getting what I need at a cheaper, discounted or clearance price. (FREE is even better!) I remember the days when I wasn't as "penny wise" and paid full price for whatever I needed or wanted. Of course, a smaller income will cause the average woman to suddenly become frugal or "penny wise"!

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to try out coupon clipping. I had an Entertainment coupon book that a friend gave me for free. That provided 2 buy one get one free burgers at Schoop's. My mom had spent $ at Kohl's and got a $20 off coupon and gave that to me. I had clipped many coupons from Coupon Surfer and from the sale flyers for our local grocery stores. By the time my evening was over I had saved over $100 on my first trip out!! WOW that was exciting!

I tried Walgreens next. I found coupons in the paper and looked to see if what I needed was on sale. The total for the bill was $38 but after coupons it was $20!! Woo hoo! That's better than 50% off!

This evening I went shopping and decided to check the Salvation Army first. I found a brand new, ankle length, denim skirt, a shorter denim skirt, a pair of dress capris, 2 polos for my husband and a pair of jean shorts for Double Espresso. I got all of that for under $10! Woo hoo again!
I recently got a free 8X10 from Walgreens, too!

Are you are bargain shopper or a coupon clipper? Ever get anything for FREE?
As I come across great deals, I'll be sure to let you know!


Yolanda said...

Oh, I love myself a good bargain!

I was looking for some bermuda shorts and walked into J C Penney's. They had them 1/2 off and the cutest grandmother t's at like 75 percent off. They matched and hey I saved 60.00 on 2 outfits. We just retired and closed our business doors, so I need a few more comfy clothes for around the house. THANK YOU LORD, and to be smarter with my money. I felt like perhaps, I had stepped into the Proverbs 31 role.

Bless ya!

H-Mama said...

man... i need to shop with you! ;) great deals!

i just wish that i could find all the 'organic' food a bit cheaper when i need them.

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