Nintendo Wii and iPod Giveaway

Hey! Christian Personal Finance is giving away a Wii and an iPod! Go to their site and you can register to WIN. Not only that, but you can find out all kinds of ways to take care of your moolah and maybe even make some moooore!

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Sandy said...

Popped over to say I'm sorry to hear about your Boxer. Saw you post on my SIL, Jan's blog. You probably know we lost our Mom just a tad more than a month ago, followed by my youngest nephews, Jan's youngest son's wife's grandmother. Too much saddness of late, we must..........we must focus on the positive. The fun memories, the silly ones.

Jan and I graduated from HS school together and so beyond being SIL's, we've known each other a good long while.........lordy that makes us sound old.

Swing by for a visit, welcome mats always out

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