As Unto the Lord - Homeless

God has been such a blessing. Of course, He always is but it's really exciting when I get to see Him in ACTION!

One of the deacons from our church picked up a homeless man and brought him to church last night. This wasn't the first time a homeless man has come to our church. I count it a privilege when they decide to bless us with their presence.

As soon as I met "Rich" I shook his hand and offered him a cup of water or coffee. He was grateful and sat down in the worship center. Immediately, some of our church members greeted him, sat with him and began conversations. During the service, I prayed for our members that God would speak to their hearts and they would respond and do something for "Rich".
After the first half of the service (ours are 2 hours), one of our members took "Rich" to his home for a shower. When I found this out, I was so excited that someone responded to God. I was racking my brain wondering what I could do for him. "Lord, what can I do for him?" I decided to give him my favorite back pack, some money and some of my favorite granola bars.

I was on my way home and it hit me! I can offer him a haircut. (Have you ever hear Beth Moore's story about the old man's hair in the airport?) Now, I'm no beautician but I can give a man a haircut. I cut my hair, my husbands, and both of the boys.

When I got to the cm's house, he asked "Rich" if he would like a haircut and he said yes. So, I began. He had long, blond (heading towards gray) hair. I gave him a 3 inch trim and left it longer with some feathers and trimmed his beard. He was grateful.

I was grateful for the privilege of being Jesus to a person who desperately needed Him. In my Spirit, I felt as if he may be running from the law and may have possibly done something terrible to someone. At one point in the evening, I told my cousin that I realize that this man could be a monster in someone else's eyes but I KNEW that I was to show Jesus to him.

All week I had a longing in my Spirit to serve or help a homeless person and God gave me the desire of my heart. That is how I KNEW that I was to help "Rich" and that I would be safe in doing it.

Praise be to my Heavenly Father!

I love Yeshua!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Daughter of the King said...

What a beautiful story. I hope to hear more in the future. I hope he'll make a connection with someone at your church and be back.

Thank you for sharing.

Dana :)

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