Ok, I'm coming out with it! I buy a lot of my clothes at the Salvation Army! I do buy some of them at other places like JC Penny but I would say that at least half of them are thrift. Most of the compliments that I get on my clothes are on the pieces from thrift stores. I'm talkin .90 cent pieces! I have gotten some adorable skirts lately! I just let God know that I would like to dress more feminine and He helps me find skirts! (He's so sweet...)

I'd like to encourage you to take an hour and look through your local thrift store. (I personally don't like the ever popular "goood will" store. Their prices are too HIGH!)

A little hint: Take a soft, sewing measuring tape (whatever those are called) and measure the waist line in your favorite pants or skirt. (I know, it can be a little scary!) Keep it in your purse that way you can pull it out any time you need to know if the item will for sure fit you!

***If you'd like to read more on fashion and femininity, check out the blog "The Faithful Fashionista." Kristen has some GREAT tips and cute ideas for outfits!***


Sharon said...

I too love to shop thrift stores and also garage sales occassionally. It kills me to pay department store prices. Unless somethiing is on "extreme" sale I normally do not buy it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention! :)

I'm trying to learn the ways of thrifting...hopefully we can find some good places in our new city. I'm always amazed at what some women can find at thrift stores!

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