Bless My FIL

Bless my father in law! After living for a year in his basement (it's a finished basement with a bedroom and laundry room) someone came up with the idea to get my dishwasher out of storage and install it in the laundry room.

After a year and 2 months of taking turns doing dishes in a washtub, we now get to put them in my dishwasher! I am forever grateful!!!! (He even built a cabinet around it!)

Of course, we didn't come up with this idea because we didn't figure we would be here for more than 3-6 months! God obviously had other plans.

I found a cute picture to share with you!

From this:
To this:
Ok, so we don't let our dog join in the fun but I am
thankful to my FIL and more than that to my
Heavenly Father.

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Mary at Civilla's Cyber Cafe said...

Yuk-Yuk! I love the dog in the dishwasher!

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