My Mom had a dream and sent it to my husband. Often times when I (or others) have dreams, he has an interpretation. We'll just call him, "Joseph"!!

Not all dreams are meant to be interpreted. Some dreams are a result of what you watched on TV. Some are a result of evil. Some dreams are straight up crazyness out of your own mind. BUT, some dreams are send by God for you or someone else.

Here is the dream with names changed:

Hey...I had a dream last night...we (me, Cherry & Strawberry) were fishing off of a concrete U-shaped dock. Cherry caught a HUGE reddish-pink, green fish with black spots. She had to go down some steps on my side of the dock to pull the fish in. Man-a-live... she was using a HUGE honker of a hook! I yelled, "Don't put your hand in it's mouth. It has teeth". Weird, though, it didn't have teeth in the front part of it's mouth...only on the sides. So, Cherry dragged it up onto the concrete pier and stuck one hand in the lower jaw of it's mouth and finished dragging further away from the edge. Strawberry (a young kid) was just there...watching. Then she went back to the side where she caught it and laid down, panting hard and exhausted. THE END..

The Interpretation:
Cement = The rock of Jesus Christ. She had a solid foundation to go through a trial.
the U shape = God surrounding her - open side of U= the trial (Fish)
the color of the fish = Gods promise (remember the rainbow)
Strawberry= young eyes are watching you go through your trial
The word FAITHFULLNESS comes in - Maybe it has something to do with the faithfullness to follow the directions (commands) given by God (in the dream that would be Janet's Mom, I know it is a huge stretch) she said to hold or grab the fish in a certain way.

Conclusion- While you are going through the trial, you will be surrounded by God and you must follow His directions. He is your solid foundation. There are people who are young Christians watching you so you must hang in there and be faithful to God. In the end, you will be tired but you will have faithfully gone through the trial.

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Amen. That was great. My friend (who is quite radical, I'll admit) has a new blog:


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