Filled With the Holy Spirit

I am so privileged to know my new friend at church. I'll call her "Pat". She has a son and I'll call him "Jose".

My husband had been praying for people to come to the church. More specifically, he wanted people to wander in and not know why they came in; just to be drawn in by the Holy Spirit.

One Sunday evening, church was about to start and this girl (Pat) and her son came in through the side door. My husband just happened to be standing there so he welcomed them. He said that she looked kind of confused. She told him that she saw the lights on and wanted to come in to see what was going on. He told her that church was about to start and showed them around. They stayed for church and have been coming back ever since.

Pat had just accepted Jesus as her Savior a few weeks before. She was in her car listening to Christian radio and heard the good news. She also called 1888needhim and was told that she needed to find a church now.

Pat continued to grow in the Lord, got baptized and joined the church. Her son, "Jose" is such a good boy. The 2 Espressos are so excited to be his friend as am I. You see, I had prayed for God to send Double Espresso a good, Christian friend. The next thing I new, in walked Pat and Jose.

Yesterday after Sunday school, Jose went to my husband and said that he had some questions and wanted to know what it meant to be saved? My husband took the time before church started, to speak the truth of the gospel to this boy. By the time they were done talking, Jose had clasped his lips together with his fingers and his eyes were welling up with tears. My husband said, "you know what you need to do now, don't you?" He said yes and ran out of the room to the bathroom, and the Lord did the rest.

Pat called right after church and said that Jose would like to be baptized. Praise the Lord for them!

Pat's family, her siblings and her parents all went out to eat last night. Her brother and Jose got into quite a heated debate during dinner about God and church. He was so filled with the Holy Spirit! Jose was quoting Scripture and preaching to his tio (uncle).

These two have grown in the Lord so much in just a couple of months. They are more vocal and passionate about Jesus than some Christians that I know that have been born again for decades.

I am so encouraged by my new friends.

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Sharon said...

How exciting! God is still a God of miracles!

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