Dead Faith vs Action Faith

In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead." ~James 2:17 (NIV)

I homeschool the 2 Espressos. We have studied Egypt through Learning Adventures Unit Study and just finished that up last week. Right after we finished that, Dream Latte found another study on Egypt. This one is from Kids of Courage. It is a free downloadable study on persecuted Christians in different countries. So, we picked Egypt!
(Isn't God so amazing?!!)

At the same time that we started learning about the persecuted Christians in Egypt, we signed up to get 2 Action Packs. The Voice of the Martyrs will send you (for $7) a bag and a list of items to purchase. You can choose to have your bag sent to Pakistan, Iraq or Sudan. We chose Sudan. (It's right under Egypt!)

We purchased flip flops, a T-shirt, a light sweater, a pad of paper, pack of pens, and bars of soap. We still have to get a twin sized blanket and a towel. You can put as many of those items in your bag as you want but ONLY those items.
I am so excited to pass on to our children the love for others and dive head first into helping others people the world. Missions were never really "my thing." BUT GOD! I have a missionary friend who was praying for me a few months back and God is answering her prayers!!

Won't you join us in putting our FAITH into ACTION?


Jane In The Jungle said...

I am using the Voice Of The Martyrs publications for my youth SS class, we're going through Jeaus Freaks now. Love it!

My Little Nest said...

It sounds like you all have a lot going on. God bless you with your new church endeavor!! Robin.

Alexandra said...

I get Voice of Martyrs materials via the mail. It's so heartbreaking to read the materials we receive, yet, so beautiful that people choose the Lord(and are strengthened by His grace) even in very difficult circumstances. I'll have to check out those action packs. Thanks for sharing. :)

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