What God Did Today...

...was so cool! I am wiped out from all of the ministering, worshiping, and fun that we had today!
The Holy Spirit sure tires a person out. Dream Latte is exhausted and already in bed.

After Praise Team practice this morning (before Sunday school) I needed to go get some personal items from the store so I headed out to town. I thought, I don't need to go to Walgreen's because I can get what I need at the gas station. A voice spoke to my spirit and said, "No, you need to go to Walgreen's because there is someone there that you need to talk to." Ok?... I guess it will be cheaper than the gas station anyway!

So, off to Walgreen's I went.

Well, I decided that the voice that I heard may be right so I sneaked in with my sunglasses on (You just never know if the person will be someone that you ACTUALLY DESIRE to speak to!) and surveyed the store. Whew... I didn't see anyone I knew so I was free from my responsibility.

Off I went again, this time to get my supplies.

As I reached for the Ibuprofen, I saw a man with a little boy and the man was trying on back braces. I thought, oh, that poor man is hurting. Instantly, I knew in my spirit that he was the person that I was supposed to go talk to.

So, with that in mind... (I pushed it to the back of my mind!) I turned around the corner to finish getting what I needed.

As I reached for the next item on my list, I heard that voice again tell me that I needed to go talk to that man.

The argument began...

"Lord, I don't know that man. You want me to walk up to a complete stranger and say what? 'Hey, you need JESUS to heal your back pain! Come to church with me and we'll pray over you!' Uhhh, don't think so! Besides, I have this box of personal items in my arms!"

Do it!

(Yes, all of this was going on inside my brain and spirit while I was standing at the end of the ladies personal isle.)

"Ok, ok. I'll do it..." (Just so you know, I did it submittingly without an attitude. It just took me a while and some dialog with God to get to that point!)

Here is what transpired:

I walked up to the man and said, "Is that brace for you?"

Man: "Oh! Hi!!"

Me in my head, "Oh dear! It's not a stranger! It's a guy I went to school with who was arch enemies with my HUSBAND!!"

Me: "Oh! Hi!"

I proceeded to make small talk with him and his son.

Me: "Are you ok? Is your back hurting you?"

Man sadly: "My back is always hurting me."

That's when my heart broke. There was such sadness, pain and need on his face. In high school, he was a boy who was very macho and tough...muscles. Actually, kinda cocky but always nice to me.

He had a look of pain and sadness on his face. He is a broken man.

He asked if I lived in that town, I told him that my husband was the pastor of a church down the road and proceeded to invite him to church.

(Ok, confession: I didn't mention who my husband was since I very quickly remembered that Dream Latte and he used to fight! They were both too big for their britches!)

I told him that he needed prayer for his back and that we would pray for him today. He was grateful and I left.

I knew that I knew that I knew that he was the reason why God lead me to that store this morning. When I got back to the church and told my husband about it I just cried for him. I was so sad for this broken man who doesn't know Jesus.

After we sang, I told my story to the church. After I told my story, my husband lead the church in prayer for this man. The same man that he used to fight with in highschool. We prayed for his salvation and for his healing.

Something that my husband said in his prayer was so awesome. He said, "Lord, I'd love nothing more than to lay hands on Mike, in LOVE this time."

By the time this whole thing was over, there were tears all over that church. Sniffs and everything.

I am still moved and touched by God over this whole thing. I'm still sorting it out and trying to figure out what God wants me to do with it.

Any thoughts?

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Beautiful Mess said...

Okay, this made me cry-which really isn't tough to do-BUT--

-I am praying that God will provide a connection for your hubby to re-connect and I will be praying for his back--that he would become desperate for something only the true healer can provide!

I love when God provides us with moments where we recognize it is about Him and His plan! Thank you for being obedient and sharing too!

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