Elle Women's Conference 2009

I went to a women's conference this weekend. I wasn't planning on going both days but the Lord moved in such a huge way that I couldn't not go!! God spoke to me over and over. He, in His gentleman like way, lifted me up, encouraged me, convicted me, filled me, gave me hope and gave me a prophetic word for my husband.

Who would leave that? !!!!

It was awesome! We learned, we were prayed over, we sang, worshiped and danced! The Holy Spirit was fresh and moving over the women.

I told my Mom, one of the things that I thanked God for that day is that I am out of "religion". I don't ever want to go back. I am a child of the Most High God and that is that!
One of the women that spoke was Lisa Bevere. She is a famous author and anointed speaker. She is one tough cookie. I said that she is "wicked holy"!! She can kick the devil in the teeth with her prayers.

I was able to minister to a young woman who is homeless, orphaned by her mother at the age of 2, has had her child taken away and doesn't have anyone close to her in her corner. Well let me tell you, she does now!!!

After two days of teaching, singing, and the Word, she was worshipping with her hands held high. She obviously gave her life to the Lord. Then, when it was time to come forward if you would like to publicly give your life to Jesus, she did!! THEN, she said that she wants to be baptized!

Oh my goodness! This girl now has JESUS!! I was so privileged to walk her up to the front. I was able to be an instrument of the Holy Spirit and bless her with a new Bible and a bracelet for her Spiritual Birthday. God was so generous this weekend!

This is the theme song from the conference. Of course, I can't get it out of my head!


Sharon said...

Thank God for another soul coming into the fold and that He allowed you to be instrumental in this. God is good!

steffany said...

Sounds like an amazing experience!

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