A Kiss From God

My birthday was Wednesday and some ladies from church and my mom decided to take me out shopping at a discount warehouse and out to lunch. The day was great! I got some girl-time which is VERY rare for me.

We went to a restaurant called "Cornerstone Mansion". It was lovely! I was immediately drawn to one of the rooms and we were blessed enough to sit in it!

I grew more and more comfortable with that room and started to notice why. I was surrounded by things that I had in our first home. It was a 100 year old, victorian home with 10 foot ceilings.
The room had high ceilings and was painted the same color that I had in my bath. There were antique tea cups all over the place and I collected them. Some of them even looked the same as mine.
The chairs had my name on them! There were cherubs around which I also used to have around. I felt so at home in that room!
I was telling a friend of mine at church about all of this and she said that it was a little "kiss from God for my birthday"! I thought that was so sweet!


Deborah Ann said...

Well isn't it just like God to do something like this! I have a feeling that's how heaven will be...all our favorite things will be there.

Angie Vik said...

Greetings from Wisconsin. Belated Birthday wishes. Found your blog by clicking on my profile's interests that said "Pastor's wives." I read a few of your posts and enjoyed my visit.
God bless.

Beautiful Mess said...


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