Such a Proud Mama!

Our oldest son turned 13 last week. It hasn't hit me yet that I am a MOTHER of a teen!
You know, it's almost like he blossomed over night! All of a sudden he's acting a little more mature.
He decided on his own to tithe. We've always taught tithing and encouraged it but we don't force it. He has tithed in the past but not for a while. He likes to save his money and when he gets it, he just puts it away. Well, out of nowhere, he took money out of his savings and took it to church.
At church we have an annual chili cook-off. Espresso decided, never having made a pot of chili, that he was going to enter! What? Ok... His dad (the pastor) always enters and challenges everyone by doing a big chili cook-off hype up. Unfortunately, he went for the "hottest chili" category and his dad wins that every year. (His dad IS the HOTTEST!) wink wink
Friday evening, I asked our youngest son to come sit on my lap. He is usually more than willing to cuddle up with his mom. Well, not this evening. I don't know what got into him but he didn't want to cuddle. Espresso got mad and said, "I'll do it! See! I'm a 13 year old and I'll sit on her lap!" It was so cute! He wanted to prove that he's not too old to do such a thing.
I am so proud of how "grown up" he has become yet he is not afraid to still be a kid! In a society where teens feel such pressure to grow up quickly, I am proud that he still likes to be a kid, play like a kid but still have that mature, responsible side.


Beautiful Mess said...

AWWW! That is such a sweet boy!

No doubt because his parents ROCK!

Did he win the cookoff?

Alexandra said...

Happy belated birthday to your son! They grow up too fast. :)

Beautiful Mess said...

just reread--got it! Dad wins the hottest category every year--

HA! just reread that-out of context too funny!

Hope I made you laugh and not blush!

Deborah Ann said...

What a beautiful boy, inside and out! You're gonna have to keep an eye on this one for the next few years, the girls will be around, that's for sure!

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