There was a strange man on my underclothes!

This is no joke. This really did happen to me today. (You do have my permission to laugh.)
The morning was going swell. I was praisin the LORD, singin, emailin encouragement to people, the boys were doing their school work and I was climbing Mt. Washmore ~ getting my laundry done.

Something happened to my in-law's phone line and the repair man had to come out. He called 10 minutes before he got to the house. I was STILL in my pajamas. (We homeschool moms can do that!)

The repair man, nice and polite as he was, decided he needed to come down to the basement to look at all of the wires that run above the drop ceiling. Ok.... By now, I am dressed but my hair and face aren't washed. (Oh boy, that's a sight!)

Now, mind you, I am an EXTREMELY private person. Just the fact that a strange man is wandering around having to come down to work is stressful to me!

Well, he decided that he needed to wander go through our bedroom to waste time and milk the job look at the wire in the ceiling. After he entered, he proceeded to wade through my 9 piles of laundry on the floor. He actually (in his socks) walked through one of my piles!!!!!!!!!

As he is wading through Mt. Washmore, I look down and see my UNDIES and a bra! Oh have mercy. I am now, having a nervous breakdown. Reality is setting in. A strange man was just ON my underclothes ~ in my most private room ~ my bedroom! Ahhhhh!
I am now mortified. My eyes begin to swell with tears and he exits the room. I try to contain myself long enough to get to another room where I can cry. You may be thinking, so? That's not so bad. BUT it IS to me!
I started to wonder why God thought it necessary to put me through this. I didn't think it was funny and I thought that God might have a weird sense of humor. I called my husband home from work so that I could cry on his shoulder. He was sweet enough to stop what he was doing and come home for his wife who was having a nervous breakdown. Awwww...
I told my husband that I thought God had a weird sense of humor. He asked me why I thought that God had done that? He asked me what was my day like before this happened? Well, I said, it was a great day! I was worshipping the LORD and sending out encouragements to people. Dream Latte said, and you think God wanted to mess that up?
Lesson learned. It wasn't God that wanted to steel my joy. The evil one not only stole my joy but traumatized me as well. I am going to have to focus on my Jesus this evening and get that joy back.


Sharon said...

Okay, that is downright hilarious! I'm glad you can see the humour in it now. My son-in-law just walked through and wanted to know what the joke was. He didn't understand what the big deal was. Believe me, I understand though. I've been in a similar situation years ago and I'm still not fully over it.

H-Mama said...

girl, i was sitting here trying to figure out where you would go with that title... i thought your hubby's thoughts exactly. sometimes i think things just happen because.... well, that's life. ;) embarrassing. glad he got off of your underclothes. sweet of your hubby to go home. ;)

Beautiful Mess said...

Thank you for the encouragement!!

Sorry for the undergarment drama.

What an amazing husband!

Thankful for your insight and prayer! God bless you sweet sister.

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