...and another thing!

(I'm a blogging mad-woman today!  3 posts in one morning!)

There is another thing on my mind lately. 

You know, we as "Christians" or believers can be soooo judgemental.  We HAVE GOT to remember that everyone is on a journey toward holiness.  (This is something that God showed me while I was in the basement.)

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the "perfect" follower of God (Like there is such a thing!):  Say there is someone who lives their life on the level of an 8 or 9.  It seems as though they can get the mindset that they are so much better and living above others.  "Well, I do this for God and I do that. He or she doesn't believe this so they aren't on the right level.  They are so off base." 

I know that is an extreme example but you get the idea. 

We have GOT to guard our hearts from becoming proud of what we "do" for God.  We are to live holy not haughty!  (Oh, I like that!  I'm going to make that font bigger!)  Our lives should reflect our LORD and draw people to Him no matter what "level" we are on in our journey toward holiness.

Blessings be unto you today!  


Beautiful Mess said...

I love that you are "on it" this am!

Yes! Holy not haughty! love it!

I always remember sometimes the "small" things I do in Jesus name unnoticed mean more and have a more lasting effect than the "supposed big things"

...just daily pursuit after HIM means the most--then I will do the right thing in a very non-haughty way!

Anonymous said...

I'm which ya on this one! Amen! "Holy not haughty"...can I use that?! I'm serious! I think about the book of James with this post and how we seem to see our ourselves in the mirror but walk away forgetting what we look like! Lack of time with the Lord and having Him affirm us will lead to judgmental attitudes! The presence of God humbles us, therefore, allowing us to see others as God sees them. Even He doesn't see us on a scale - He only sees the blood of Christ! Hallelujah! May we remember that we are all forgiven and "paid for"!

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