Our house that we are renting is a duplicate of the one that we left for full time ministry ~ that was later taken (not sure from who ~ Freddie Mac/Fanny scam).  Our lawyer told us it was stolen ~ I don't know...it may have been a God thing to show us His glory later ~ which is now.  Not sure.

Same square footage, similar closet space, open concept, basement, high ceilings, ceiling fans, similar bathrooms, similar back doors ~ these are some things that are similar.  Our house then was a victorian and this house is new.  How weird is that?

Nope ~ it's not weird. 

But God!!

He is amazing!  He is so good to His kids.  He takes you through it so that you will learn to trust Him, grow, and it will, in the end, show His glory!


Beautiful Mess said...

Grab a camera and send me PICS of this beautiful gift from the LORD!


Yes, HE is amazing and so good to us!

Angie Vik said...

Very cool. Yeah, God!

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