Ok, I am an organized person.   Organizing is in my blood.  It is a sickness!  When we packed for the move out of the parsonage and into my in-law's house I had plenty of time to pack and correctly label; all of my things stayed that way in storage. 

When we moved this time, I labeled the best that I could with other people helping me.  When we moved our things to this house ~ our home, I wasn't here to "direct".  It all happened soooo fast!  I have no idea where our stuff is.  I'm constantly looking for this and looking for that. 

It's funny and quite an adventure!  ~ Especially being the "organized" person that I am. I HEART an adventure!

I now have a different perspective on life, in many ways.  I am more accepting and laid back about things.  (Saying that out loud... is that going to be tested? LOL)  In the basement, I have learned that things can't always be perfect.  You have to make do and go with it.  The LORD will lead and guide through life's circumstances just like He did His people in the desert.

Now, back to worshipping while I put things away.  I love to worship the LORD all the day long.



Beautiful Mess said...

It will all come together beautifully, eventually :) I loved cranking up the worship music and finding homes for things...

Enjoy the day! I know you are!

God bless!


momishome2 said...

Yay! Congrats on moving into your own place finally! Happy organizing :-). Merry Christmas!!!!!
~ Bethany L.

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