Our Visit to Candy Cane Lane

We went to Candy Cane's house today.  She was very grateful for the items that everyone so graciously blessed her with. 

We went to Salvation Army (one of my faves) and got her 2 office like chairs that she can use at her table or in her living room. We also got her a small child's dresser. It's at least big enough to put her personals in.

She had a blanket on the floor (that she sits and sleeps on), a cd player and some books. In the kitchen she had a table and an old stove. In her bedroom she had a garbage bag of clothes and a picture of Jesus on the wall. In her bathroom she had her clothes soaking in the tub and some more clothes hanging from a shower rod.

While we were out and about I told someone about what we were trying to do for her.  This person took pity on a girl that they've never met and has offered to help her get a job!  No kidding!  God is with her!

Candy Cane is sooo happy with the possibility of getting a job. The state wants her to accept disability and she is refusing! She WANTS to work.

Candy Cane is at the mercy of everyone else, the state, the Church, and people that she meets.  She doesn't have a dime nor a thing in this world. 

Meeting her and the others that we visit in Chicago sure does help put perspective on things.  Even when you think that you have so little, you really have so MUCH!

I am sure thankful that my God has put her in our path.  I am so thankful that He has given us ways to help others. 

A lot of people don't feel good about themselves.  They have so much self pitty.  I know; I've been there.  Helping others is part of the cure.

I've seen people come out of deep depression.  One thing that helped them is reaching out to the homeless and needy.

Try it, you'll like it!

Her Needs:
  • *FULL size box spring
  • Shower curtain liner
  • Comfortable living room chair
  • Stove / Washer / Dryer

  • Size XL or 20 clothes
  • Size 9 shoes

  • Food (we took her a sandwich for lunch and some carrots, tangerines and bananas)
  • Garbage bags
  • Garbage cans
  • Phone with minutes
  • White caulking for tub (owner isn't helping at all)
  • Videos to watch
  • VCR

1 comment:

Beautiful Mess said...

Still praying that God provides a way for us to help-in the meantime I am sending PRAYERS!

Times have been super tough for us since Christmas; praise God HE is faithful!

We lack for nothing... I am praying that Candy Cane experiences the same blessings!

Thank you sister for all you do!


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