A visit to Candy Cane Lane

We went to visit Candy again last week.  (She is the girl that we have been helping.) A while back, we all came down with the flu the day that we visited her.  After a month of the flu going through the family and recovery, we went to visit her and take her a couch.  She wasn't home.  Come to find out, her car had broken down and we were only a block away from her. 

After the flu, we ended up with the food poisoning.  That took it's toll on us and recovery took a lot longer than one would expect.  Finally, we were strong enough to take Candy the couch.

The couch was an important piece.  It had a BED in it!  Candi had been sleeping on the floor for months.  When she saw how comfortable the couch was and that it had a bed in it, she literally jumped for joy.  It was so sweet to see her reaction.

Please continue to pray for Candy.  She just wants her baby back.

The photos that I am posting is the beautiful scenery of the city where she lives.

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