Resurrection Sunday - Feast of Firstfruits!

My Mom and I
at church this morning.  (I'm on the right.)

Praise our God!  Yeshua is risen!  Yeshua the Firstfruit! 

The Feast of Firstfruits has been celebrated for thousands of years and we Christians have the priviledge of celebrating it today!  (Also see Biblical Holidays

I feel honored to have celebrated Passover this last week, Feast of Unleavened Bread yesterday and Firstfruits today.  (Also see Passover

If you are a Christian and you celebrate "Easter", I want to encourage you to look into where that "tradition" originated.  It is so fulfilling celebrating what Yeshua, our Jesus, celebrated AND fulfilled!!

Double Espresso (on right) and his friend. 

...and yes, they are as innocent as they look!


Lloyd said...

Inspiring post and really nice pictures of you guys. God bless, Lloyd

Beautiful Mess said...

Love this!

my friend wrote a few posts I would like you to check out---specifically resurrection celebration and Holy Days---good stuff.

Love you! TTYL!

Deborah Ann said...

Well now, here's one Godly woman who knows how to praise her King! Woo hoo!

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