Church..... ??

Are you sitting or serving?

Do you go into church each Sunday, sit down and say, "feed me pastor"?  Do you find your friends and hang out in a little group and chat?  Do you run in at the last minute and skip out before anyone can get to you?

What DO you do when you get to church?  If you don't have responsibilities, have you asked how you can serve?

Some people don't even realize that there is plenty to do before and after the service.  I just thought I'd let you know!

Here are some suggestions just in case you aren't sure what needs to be done:

  • It would be great if you found your pastor or administrative assistant and asked,                            "What can I do to help?"
  • You could put your Bible down somewhere and walk around greeting people.  
  • Ask people about their week and give some encouragement.   
  • Find people with struggles and pray with them.
  • People aren't your thing?  Make copies for a teacher.
  • Make coffee for the teachers and staff.
  • Help the sound people. 
  • Pass out praise banners to the kids.
  • See if the pastor needs a bottle of water at his pulpit.

There are million things that you can do to serve.  Find out what your spiritual gifts are and ask your pastor or administrator to plug you into the ministry.

Serve the LORD with gladness; Come before Him with joyful singing.  Psalm 100:2

Do SOMETHING!  Don't just sit there.

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Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

I think the most important thing that we can do before jumping into serving at church is to pray. We want to make sure that we are serving where the Lord wants us to serve.

Janet said...

Absolutely, Heather. If a person is going to serve in a position such as teacher, pastor, worship leader, outreach director, women's ministry coordinator, etc. that person should seek God's will.

On the other hand, we are already told in Scripture to do certain things. By doing those things, we are just obeying.

We don't need to pray about handing water bottles out to the praise team or greeting visitors. We can make copies for teachers or love on people.

Some things He's already told us to do. We are to do good deeds, love on each other and bless each other.


Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

I'll have to respectfully disagree with you on not praying about even the small jobs such as making copies and handing out water bottles.

If our plate is too full (which can quickly happen by taking on too many small things), then we may miss out on what the Lord truly wants us to be doing.

While those things may be truly honorable and good, they may not be what we should be doing at that time.

We have to listen to the Lord's leading even in the small things. It's often the small things that make us stumble...

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

I just wanted to clarify that I'm talking about making commitments to do something on a regular basis.

Obviously, just handing someone some water or running and making copies here and there is not the same as making a commitment to do things on a weekly basis.

Janet said...

That is very true Heather.

You may have read the post in a different mindset than what it was intended for. That's ok. Everyone is coming from different backgrounds and teachings.

Absolutely, people can become "busy" doing good. There are people in churches who do and do and do and don't ever stop to hear the voice of God.

There are people who "do" with wrong motives.

There are some who are just ignorant. They don't know that there are things to be done that they could be generous in and help out with. Maybe, they've never even thought of doing anything at all and just need a little encouragement. (That is who the post was written to.)

Finally, there are those who go to church with the me, me, me mindset. The world revolves around them. The church revolves around them.
The pastor and others are there to meet their every need and serve them.
They sit in church every Sunday, get spoon fed the Word, don't dig in for themselves, and get Spiritually FAT! They ingest and ingest to the point of gluttony.

Praying about a specific job or place to serve is a given. Doing a good deed and helping out instead of being lazy is a command.

Over and over we are told to do and go. We are told to do good deeds and help one another / spur one another on to good deeds.

I hope that people are encouraged to look out for others' needs. Church isn't a club or a place to get fat. It IS the perfect place to be an edifier and a blesser!


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