A little about a friend of mine...

I was talking to a friend at church.  She works at a place that helps women who are escaping abused situations.  The place is ran by a particular religious denomination and unfortunately, they have rules about talking to the residents about Jesus.  That totally doesn't make sense since the denomination is supposed to be "Christian".  Christian meaning ~ Christ Jesus!!

(For those who may not know:
Definition of Wicca from Wikipedia:  Wicca (pronounced [ˈwɪkə]) is a Neopagan religion and a form of modern witchcraft. It is often referred to as Witchcraft or the Craft[1] by its adherents, who are known as Wiccans or Witches.)

When she first walked in, she met co-worker.  That co-worker walked straight up to her and said (with attitude), "I just want you to know right off the bat that I am wiccan!"  My friend was a bit stunned as I would have been. 

I told my friend, next time she does that you just tell her,

"Yah, well, I worship the Creator of the Universe.  The Most High God.  My God created your god!"

Of course, she would love nothing more than for this "wiccan" lady to find Jesus! 

My God is THE Creator.
He created everything that you see and don't see.
I know that He is powerful and can and WILL intervene for His children.

Praise Yahweh!!

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