As We Wait

People have asked how it is going in the search for a house so I will post an update. 
  • Still waiting on God to move (He may be waiting on us but ???)
  • Our rent here is paid up until August 15
  • It is difficult to find housing in the area that we live because:  1. very expensive to live here (cost of living is high)  2. housing needs to be near the church as we only have one vehicle  3. houses are so small and rent is high  4. houses that meet our needs are $_ _ _ _  a month and we are at $_ _ _ a month  5. many houses have been foreclosed on and are sitting empty which has caused a shortage of rentals
We are doing as we know we ought to while we wait on Him to move in our circumstances.  We aren't sitting still or being lazy as the Bible clearly instructs us not to.  Over and over Scripture says to "go" so we do.
We continue to serve God as we wait.  We continue to praise Him even when down.  We continue to be blessed by Him everyday.  We continue to tithe and give offering as we are called by Scripture to do.  We continue to worship Him all week long and in other churches and are blessed to hear from God through other pastors.  We continue to read Scripture and pray.
I praise my God as we wait....
To be continued

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Angie Vik said...

I admire your outlook. I know it's not always easy to wait for God to work. I always want God to show me how things will work out so I can relax and not worry. We were in a box 15 years ago when we lived in Denver. Housing prices continued to climb and we were stuck in a 2 bedroom basement apartment with five kids. We prayed for a year hoping a house in Colorado would open up. Instead God moved us to Iowa. It will be interesting to hear how things end up. Hope something turns up soon.

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