Do you have a Pastor?

For a better marriage
For a better ministry

I have found all kinds of getaways for Pastors and their wives.  Some of the getaways are free vacation places for their whole family!

Please share this list with your Pastor.  He probably needs a break.

I will add links as I get them.  If you know of another, please leave a comment and I will add the link.

As Christians who work for God (Yahweh), we MUST rest! 

Be blessed!

Retreats List PDF
Christian Pastor's Retreat (getaway cabin)  TN
Renewal Retreats and Vacations (PDF listing -lots of retreats)
Skyview Ranch (free getaway)OH
Deer Ridge Ministries (for pastors and wives)IL
Clergy Retreat List (long list from all over U S)
Rockey Mountain Renewal CO
Camp Lebenon (free during school year) MN
Wesley Acres ($50 cleaning fee)Canada
Shepherd Care (list)
Sonshine Ministries (for pastors / missionaries) WI
Christian Retreat Centers (list)
Norwood Christian Ranch (free) CO
Pastor Retreats (list)
Retreat Places for Pastors (list)
Alhatti Christian Resort CA

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Danielle @ "We Don't Have It All Together" said...

Oh wow, thank you so much!! I never knew they did things like this. I wonder if I could manage to break away from the kids for a little while? I've never really left them more than a couple of time. And I've NEVER left my baby before, but this would be wonderful!!

Lori said...

Wonderful Post. and so very needed. We've been to Cedarly Pastor's Retreat. It is simply wonderful and oh, so refreshing. I would recommend any of the of the Pastor's Retreat Network sites as they are exactly what they say they are @ http://www.pastorsretreatnetwork.org/
The interesting part is that they have to beg pastors to take part in these free retreats. Pastors are notorious for not taking the breaks they need. Encourage your pastor (especially if he's your husband!) today to take advantage of one of these wonderful retreat opportunities.

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