He speaks my language! ~ Love Language

An interview with the real Latte Lady (that's me)!  (LL)

Interviewer: Victoria (V)

V:  Latte Lady, what is one way that your husband shows you love on a regular basis?

LL:  My husband knows my love language.  It starts with a Star and ends with a Bucks!  That's right!  I admit it.  I like Starbucks!  My Super Man treats me to one every once in a while. 

V:  Well, Starbucks is expensive and you are frugal.  How can the two mix together?

LL:  I don't blow a ton of money on Starbucks.  I'm a stay at home mom who doesn't venture out much.  Usually when my husband and I are out on a dinner date or a grocery date, he treats me to a Starbucks.  Now, don't get me wrong, he is just as much a coffee fan as I am so it's not a stretch for him!

V:  Oh, so Starbucks is a special treat for you and your hubs.  Tell me more about this "Love Language" stuff.

LL:  Everyone has a way of receiving love from their spouse that speaks right to them.  Some people like gifts, some like quality time, some like physical touch, etc.  My husband knows my love language (and there are several) and he tries to focus his efforts into those areas. 

V:  Wonderful!  So one of the ways you like for your husband to show you love is to spend quality time together over coffee?

LL:  Yes!  That is my favorite part of the day.  This morning, we ran out of coffee.  My husband made some decaff and we had a little of that.  Then, he put on his super man cape and out the door he went.  He went to Starbucks and came back with that yummy treat!  I love that man!

If you want to know more about Love Languages and where you fit in, you can take Gary Chapman's quiz right on his website! 

I encourage you to look into this as it will help put that spark back into your marriage!

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