Hearts On Fire Friday ~ Steps to a better marriage

Hearts On Fire Friday

Putting that spark back into your marriage

1. We need to read what the Bible says about marriage, husbands, and wives. Find verses here:  Marriage Verses
2.  We need to know our love language.  Scroll down on my sidebar and find the 5 Love Languages Quiz.  Click it and take the quiz.
3.  Start lovin on your husband.  Show him honor.  Flirt with him.  Speak his love language.  

The love language is very important.  Don't skip the step of taking the quiz (and have hubs take it too).  Most people show love in the language that they receive it.  

If your primary love language is receiving gifts, it's likely that the way you will try to show love is to give your husband a gift.  That may not work unless gifts is his love language too!  

Try really hard to speak your husband's love language instead of your own.  This may very well take a mind over matter effort!  


Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Love the ending comment...This may well take a mind over matter effort!!...for me at this age it is trying to stay awake after a long day with two and a husband that works late...but this 49 year old is trying!

Karen said...

Knowing our love languages has helped us tremendously. Thanks for this post.

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